The first four months of training are dedicated to studying aviation theory and gaining a solid comprehension of both maths and physics. This phase is delivered by our experienced ground school instructors in fully air-conditioned, modern classrooms.

Ground school subjects include:

  •  Meteorology 
  •  Air regulations 
  •  Radio transmission 
  •  Navigation training 
  •  General technical training 
  •  Aircraft-specific technical training (for our DA 40 and DA 42 aircraft)

Sound knowledge of maths and physics, particularly the following subjects, will help you master your ground school:

  •  Basic trigonometry 
  •  Ratios and proportion 
  •  Basic algebra 
  •  Indices 
  •  Properties of a circle 
  •  Time/speed/distance calculations 
  •  Equations of motion 
  •  Newton's laws 
  •  Equation of continuity 
  •  Bernoulli's theorem 

Sound challenging? It certainly is, however it is the material you will need to know throughout your aviation career.

Our instructors will prepare you for the mandatory Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) examinations. The exams will be taken according to the DGCA schedule and spread out over the whole course of your training program.


This is what you really come to flight school for. You'll take off with our experienced flight instructors in our new Diamond trainer aircraft. And when you land after your first solo flight, it's a rush you'll never forget.

Flight training is divided into various lesson elements, and you will fly approximately 200 hours during your time in Gondia, comprising:

• 185 hours on single-engine DA-40 CS 
• 15 hours on multi-engine DA-42