NFTI's USP is hiring and retaining the best talent in the Indian aviation marked. We are currently looking for  flying and ground instructors, as well as Aircraft Maintenance Engineers to keep our fleet of 14 aircraft flying.

Flight instructors at all levels (AFI/FI / Dy CFI / CFI), who meet the requirements as laid down by DGCA, are welcome to apply. The screening process comprises a face-to-face interview, wherein knowledge and ability would be evaluated. Candidates for Ground Instructors should meet DGCA requirements, and  would have to conduct a class for cadets, on a subject that would be intimated earlier. AMEs with experience on the DA-40/ 42 ac are free to apply, and would be subjected to a face-to-face interview to test their knowledge and expertise.

We offer the best compensation packages and benefits in the country, with a quality of life that is unmatched anywhere.